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Three Acre Farms PLC (TAFL.N0000 )

Profile - BEVERAGE FOOD AND TOBACCO - Colombo Stock Exchange

203.00 -0.50    -0.25%
Pre Close
High Low High 52 Week Low
Volume   1,586 203.50 203.75 202.00
295.00 117.10
Open   203.75
Open: 203.75
Open: 203.75
Close Last Update:  24 September 02:27 PM


Basic Information
Company Name
Three Acre Farms PLC
Company Purpose Poultry Farming and Sale of day old Chicks
Establishing Date 01 April 1963
Financial Year Start First Quarter
  • Messrs KPMG Ford Rhodes Thornton & Company
Owners (Voting)
Management members
Primus C.C.K Chairman
Weerasooria W.S. General Manager
Chuan T.B. Board Members
Robert C.C.C. Board Members
Leeniyagoda S. Board Members
Karunanayake S. Board Members
Address 15, Rock House Lane, Colombo 15, Sri Lanka.
Telephone 0112522556, or 8/2523580/ 2526378 / 2526383
Fax 011-2524163
Web Site
Email address
Updated Co. contact info
THREE ACRE FARMS PLC 15, Rock House Lane, Colombo 15, Sri Lanka. Branch phone: 0112522556, or 8/2523580/ 2526378 / 2526383 Branch Fax: 011-2524163

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