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JINS.N0000`C Janashakthi Insurance PLC 0%
PLC.N0000`C People's Leasing & Finance PLC 0%
HARI.N0000`C Harischandra Mills PLC 0%
MADU.N0000`C Madulsima Plantations PLC 0%
KZOO.N0000`C Kalamazoo Systems PLC 0%
VPEL.N0000`C Vallibel Power Erathna PLC 0%
TYRE.N0000`C Kelani Tyres PLC 0%
SEYB.X0000`C Seylan Bank PLC 0%
BIL.N0000`C Browns Investments PLC 0%
HDFC.N0000`C The Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank of Sri Lanka 0%
OSEA.N0000`C Overseas Reality (Ceylon) PLC 0%
EXPO.N0000`C Expolanka Holdings PLC 0%
MAL.N0000`C Malwatte Valley Plantations PLC 0%
SINS.N0000`C Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC 0%
RHTL.N0000`C The Fortress Resorts PLC 0%
GREG.W0006`C Lanka Century Investments PLC 0%
TSML.N0000`C Tea Smallholders Factories PLC 0%
TWOD.N0000`C Touchwood Investment PLC 0%
PALM.N0000`C Palm Garden Hotels PLC 0%
OFEQ.N0000`C Office Equipment PLC 0%
MULL.N0000`C Muller and Phipps (Ceylon) PLC 0%
MAL.X0000`C Malwatte Valley Plantations PLC 0%
SIRA.N0000`C Sierra Cable PLC 0%
CFL.N0000`C Chilaw Finance PLC 0%
ASPM.N0000 Aitken Spence Plantation Managements Limited 0% 45.5
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